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Just Kids by Patti Smith

150 pages into her National Book Award-winning memoir, Just Kids, Patti Smith expresses an interest in alchemy. She recalls working on an illustrated poem called Alchemical Roll Call, a present for a friend. Just Kids is a work of alchemy, too, a … Continue reading

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Why Our Decisions Don’t Matter, Why We Fight, and Why We Need Love, Edited by Simon Van Booy

I occasionally have what I call an “epigramic” attention span. I read the headlines, but not the articles. I go to bookstores, read blurbs, sometimes full summaries, and on rare occasions the author bio. When my attention span reaches “epigramic” … Continue reading

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Tao Lin, Richard Yates, & Me [UPDATE]

My essay about Tao Lin has been published on The Rumpus, and has received mostly positive comments (including one from Lin himself).

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Nox by Anne Carson

Nox proved a bravely personal work unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It’s a book I’ve anticipated approaching all summer but never felt prepared for until tonight, as I lazed about the house with a summer cold. A combination of … Continue reading

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Have A Heart: “The Heart” by Stephen Crane & “Dirty, Poorly Dressed” by Roberto Bolaño

I thought these two (excellent) poems deserved a side-by-side comparison. Looks like Bolaño must have come across Crane in his book-stealing days. His line, “Only fever and poetry provoke visions,” further suggests that his poem was inspired by Crane. “Dirty, … Continue reading

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