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“This is not a Wells Tower Interview” & The ‘Receptive Experience’

On a freakishly sunny day in early November I kidnapped Wells Tower and took him on an impromptu tour of Pittsburgh (fueled by my lack of knowledge of the city) and we had a conversation and some whiskey. We talked … Continue reading

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Just Kids by Patti Smith

150 pages into her National Book Award-winning memoir, Just Kids, Patti Smith expresses an interest in alchemy. She recalls working on an illustrated poem called Alchemical Roll Call, a present for a friend. Just Kids is a work of alchemy, too, a … Continue reading

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TRBC: Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones

Like Daniel Orozco, Tayari Jones deserves respect for her willingness to take narrative risks. Her new novel, Silver Sparrow, follows the young lives of two sisters (Dana and Chaurisse), the bigamist father they share (James), and their respective mothers (Gwendolyn … Continue reading

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TRBC: Orientation and Other Stories by Daniel Orozco

I should read fiction only at night, before bed. I’ve found that reading mid-day, before meeting with a friend or answering to this or that responsibility, can take a small toll on my mental health. It is sometimes a challenge, … Continue reading

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How To Be A Great Artist: A 16mm B/W Short

Here’s a short film I made this semester about mimesis, and the artist’s need to actively engage with the world.

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The Gospel of Anarchy by Justin Taylor

What would Anarchy look like if we simply started calling it Faith? To the best of my knowledge they haven’t yet been labeled. “They” are Justin Taylor, Joshua Cohen, Blake Butler, Mike Young, Zachary German, Tao Lin, Stephen Elliott, and … Continue reading

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Books That Shook

I tried to live cautiously — or eventually learned to live — in a spirit of regret prevention, and I could not see how Bonnie could accomplish such a thing in this situation. Regret — operatic, oceanic, fathomless — seemed … Continue reading

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