Mark SaFranko On Writing

“Someone [Ed. note: Cocteau] once said ‘Art is an addiction. That’s why there are so many bad artists.’ I think that’s true. I can’t imagine not liking to write. Why the fuck would you do it, then? For the inevitable rejection? Sure you get stuck here and there, but why put yourself through the torture? Isn’t there enough in life to make you miserable? […] I don’t know why I love it. For some reason I’m wired that way. Probably it has to do with coming from a blue-collar background, where really tedious, boring, unrewarding work was what you had to face every day, day in and day out. Doing anything creative [is] like traveling to another universe.”

I’m currently devouring a galley of SaFranko’s Hating Olivia: A Love Story. Full review to come once I’m finished with it.

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