Thanks, Harper Perennial!

Today I received a package containing four (free!) books from Harper Perennial: three wonderfully designed mini-anthologies of philosophical inquiry, edited by short story writer Simon Van Booy; Why Our Decisions Don’t Matter, Why We Fight, and Why We Need Love; and Rachel Shukert’s travel memoir Everything Is Going To Be Great.

The consistently good publishing house recently put out a call on their blog, The Olive Reader, to all lit bloggers interested in reviewing new (free!) paperbacks. I submitted my blog’s address and requested Simon Van Booy’s set, as well as Shukert’s supposedly hilarious and affecting memoir [UPDATE: It is both hilarious and affecting.], but didn’t set my hopes too high. I felt unsure as to whether or not they would seriously supply good, new, free paperbacks to each book-hungry blogger who asked.

Apparently, and thankfully, they’ve taken pity on this poor (literally!) sap. And I couldn’t be more grateful! Full reviews of each to come.

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